Abounding with rich and hypnotizing untamed life, Kenya is one of Africa's best safari goals. Beginning from the unending Savannah fields to its rough mountains and slopes, the nation offers all who come here an enchanted encounter and recollections to endure forever. Likewise, with nearly 8% of Kenya made up of protected zones explicitly for untamed life protection, your Nairobi safari experience with us at African Safaris & Beach Holidays will not only add to the conservation of a gigantically significant eco-system but also offer you the pleasure of experience wilderness of Kenya.

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is a popular prevalent base from which to set out on a safari. Without a doubt, while most guests adventure a long way past the city, it has its own National Park, a huge game save known for reproducing imperiled dark rhinos. On the off chance that that does not take your extravagant, investigate our custom-fitted rundown of the 13 best Nairobi safaris with varied destinations and duration.

How to reach Nairobi

Nairobi National Park the main attraction of safari starting from Nairobi is 9 kilometers south of Nairobi. You can visit the park as a half-day or entire day trip from a hotel in the city. Getting to the city of Nairobi is simple – it is one of the greatest and busiest vehicle hubs on the landmass. International flights land in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO), 15 kilometers southeast of Nairobi.

It is not that reaching Nairobi you can only explore and enjoy at Nairobi National Park when you are with us. We while organizing our safaris have included Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara, Samburu Game Reserve and Amboseli National Park. With us, while exploring wilderness you feel the closeness to nature staying at lodges in Nairobi.

Best time to visit Nairobi

Nairobi National Park is at a height of 5030 feet to 5774 feet, so temperatures will, in general, be gentle all year, making it an impeccable get-away destination in central Kenya regardless of when you intend to visit. However, you may consider your own solace level in specific temperatures, just as the fluctuated natural life practices influenced by the time of year.

Activities not to miss

You wild safari exercises in East Africa make certain to incorporate a game drive and you can encounter a similar feeling of experience and energy on the edges of Nairobi. A devoted local guide with perfect information on the different parks takes you to areas where you have the best possibility of seeing the creatures, and to remain over the activity, your guide offers and collects data, for example, impressions, last sightings, explicit practices, with other favored similar aides. This constant data implies that you may get a lion chase in progress, see two infant wildebeest playing and numerous other unique encounters such a zebra or an impala conceiving an offspring.

Our different Nairobi safari packages offer different experiences to you. It is for sure all of them offer you the best of accommodation, comfortable transportation, services of local guides and hence perfect game view and enjoyment mixed with adventure and excitement.

Like at Lake Nakuru National Park you will have the pleasure of watching Lesser and Greater Flamingos and the white rhino. Amboseli National Park mesmerizes you with big game and its great scenic beauty. Aberdare National Park, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to be close with elephant, lion, rhino, black leopard and the beautiful but elusive bongo antelope. Being at Tsavo West National Park with us you will have the pleasure of watching hippos, crocodiles and varieties of fish at Mzima Springs.

With us, the excitement and adventure continue all along with the Nairobi safari and your days will fly by leaving recollections of adventure and excitement, which you will love to share.

Time to have such mesmerizing experience

We have various packages starting from two to nine days. It entirely depends on you to select according
to your preferences. We are ever prepared to organize one for you. Our local guides make possible for
you to have a vacation in the wilderness that you will never forget.

Call at +254 705 934 084 / +254 731 631 011 to have a word with us and select the best Nairobi safari according to your preferences.

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