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We are the local experts of luxury Kenya safari holidays UK.

Our Kenya safari holidays UK offer the quintessential safari experience, with the chance to witness the Big 5 and a host of other species roaming in endless savannah plains. There’s an enormous choice of different types of safaris here. Travelers can choose from luxury camps with spectacular sceneryto a short-tented experience or camel walking safari.

Kenya offers some of the most dramatic game viewing in Africa including the famous migration, where millions of wildebeest and zebra move through the Mara ecosystem in search of fresh pastures.

Our knowledge of the Kenya travel industry and ability to develop memorable Kenya safari holidays is unmatched. We are the local experts of luxury Kenya safari holidays UK, and we promise to show you our country better than anyone else.

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Go through our Kenya safari holidays UK to get some inspiration on what you should expect when you book your luxury safari with us.


Below we will cat light on our most booked safaris that will take you to the destinations that will have you yearning for more. Our Kenya safari cost UK is reasonable and you can book the tour packages as they are and have a lot of fun and adventure with your family.

Alternatively, you can call us on +254 705 934 084 / +254 731 631 011, if you would like to customise your itinerary, and we will happily tailor-make the best Kenya safari from UK for you.

2 Days Lake Nakuru Safari

The Nakuru National Park is a unique ecosystem as it encompasses different vegetation types and species of animals. Along with diverse bird life comprising more than 400 different bird species, the park houses over 100 mammal species including the big five. The Nakuru Lake hosts more than a million flamingoes and is a natural abode for black rhinos and some other endangered species.

3 Days Amboseli National Park Safari

The park is one of the top ten largest game reserves in the world. It has a much larger ecosystem stretching across the Kenya-Tanzania border. The park gives off the iconic savannah scene, dotted with African wildlife and the picturesque Mount Kilimanjaro serving as the milieu of the landscape.

4 Days Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara Safari

Lake Naivasha is the most beautiful small Rift Valley Lake in Kenya. The lake is surrounded by marshy lagoons, feathery papyrus, and grassy shores where distorted flocks of graceful flamingoes and pink-backed pelicans settle on the water. You can take a boat to Crescent Island from Lake Naivasha. The island is a private game sanctuary where you can walk around and view at close range, waterbuck, zebra, giraffe, and several species of antelope. Bird life is abundant around the lake.

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